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Divine Driving School gives you the best you seek, our aim is your success.


Here are the honest thoughts and feelings of the students who were successful in passing their test.  

We both passed our assessments first time taking it. Don helped tremendously in making sure that we passed well above average mark.He was very meticulous about every detail on the right way of car handling and driving. He made sure we understood his instructions and he made us felt very comfortable and relaxed throughout the learning process. He has done a very good job in getting us our Australian driver's licences and i would highly recommend him as a driving instructor.


Mr & Mrs Clement.

I am one Aruna's student who pass  my driving exam on my First driving assessment.

I am not an expert driver and always have this fear when I'm driving. Aruna build my confidence on the road and teaches me some techniques to do the proper way of driving and parking.If you are looking for the most patient instructor you could ever met in Perth, Go with Divine Driving School...He is not the instructor you will be scared of but rather, you will be looking forward on your next driving lesson because you will enjoy and learn something at the same time..I highly recommend DDS for those who wants to get their license on their first try..

Jocee M


    Don has been amazing throughout the time that I've been with him...
    He has taught me so much, helped with my confidence and just been very patient with me...

    Helping me along the way to pass my driving test, couldn't be more happier :Thanks Don from AMIE

   Christy Ponmanissery 

   I always had trouble and used to be scared of driving a car, but once I started lessons with

   Divine Driving School, I had no trouble at all. Aruna was really friendly and supportive  at all times.

   He was really patient, and build up my confidence along the way.

   So overall, my experience with Divine Driving School was fantastic!

   I am very happy that I selected Divine Driving School and would highly recommend this to anyone

   who is willing to learn and pass their driving test with flying colours! 



Dion Fernandes
I am one of Don's students who passed the Practicale Driving Test in my fist try. Amazing instructor kind and gentle. Fabulous service! Highly recommended!

Hi I am Zanaid Liam, happy to say that Don was great teacher who biuld my confidence and tought me the safe and right driving skils with manual car.

DDS I recommend to everyone. Thanks Don

My name is Nilantha, I got my My manual licence in my first attempt with Divine Driving School, Aruna is the best instructor I ever met. Thank you once again for helping me with my success. I whish others also to have this very patient instructor as yours too.


I tried other instructors but they made me anxious on the road during driving lessons, Aruna is very patient and keeps encouraging you to be better. He was also very flexible with my working hours. Thank you so much Aruna for helping me get my licence. Try you will see the deference 

My name is Leander, I passed my PDA on the first attempt. I highly recommend Divine Driving School to any learner driver. Aruna is a very patient instructor who was great at building up my confidence which helped me overcome my nervousness and anxiety before my driving test. Thanks Aruna! 

I would like to thank Don (Divine Driving School ) for helping me to pass the Driving test .

Don is such  a great instructor who is very patient and calm it helped me a lot when I am nervous and frustrated.

Without his instructions and advices I wouldn't of pass my driving test . Thank you very much.

I would highly recommend Don and Divine Driving school  for your driving lessons  and pass the test with flying colours.


Thanks & Regards

Divya Ganesh

Aida Jons 

Don was an incredible helpful instructor. He would point out my mistakes and then explains gently how to improve them. Always patient with me. 

I would recommend to him anybody.

The Best instructor  in the West! 

Thank you Don:)

I am Jayson one of Don's students, I would like to say Don is friendly and patient driving instructor. Great teacher and fair priced lessons.
        I rate 5 stars 


Wow! I am very Happy today I passed my driving assessment in first attempt because of you Don.. Thank you very much for all the help.

Melody Ballis

Fantastic instructions, very nice treatment and committed person

Thank you Don!

From: Marwan Ghazi

Incredible experience

best teaching there is,

Noor Al-Mawali

Hi, I got my My manual licence in my first attempt with Divine Driving School, Aruna is the best instructor in WA I ever met. Thank you Aruna for leading me towards my success. I highly recommend to others also to have this very patient and skilled instructor for their success too.              From: Dhamith

Some of the students who proudly passed their PDA with                                 Divine Driving School

So shocked I passed at first attempt! Thank you Aruna for your patience and persistence during my lessons. You made it easy and stress free for me, to learn all the techniques, through a combination of step by step guides.
Best Regards,

Don you are a great instructor !  very patient ,calm and kind, you helped me a lot when I am nervous and frustrated.

With your instructions and advice I pass my driving test . Thank you very much.

I would highly recommend Don and Divine Driving school (DDS) for your driving lessons  and pass the test with flying colours.


Thanks DDS



Excellent Driving Instructor!!! Highly recommend for any new learner drivers.

Thank you Aruna,


Lilli gorres

Yes, done the first time in Kelmscott. The instructor is patience, his tolerance of teaching me the road rules here is absolutely outstanding. I will definitely recommend this school😃👍🏻

Nita Sedhain

Mr Aruna is borne to be a driving instructer. If you get lessons from him, you get your licence in first test.

Lauren Moro

I passed my PDA on the first try thanks to Aruna! He was very patient when teaching me how to drive and helped me to have safe driving habits. I would definitely recommend Divine Driving School (DDS).

Thank you for helping me to get through this hurdle! 
Aruna is a excellent instructor. Before him I had couple of instructors, non of them as good as him. I was very nervous and had no confidence. Aruna was always encouraging and guiding me which help me to get through my driving test. 
He is the most kind and friendly instructor I ever met.
Thanks once again for your massive support.




Thank you Divine Driving School, especially to Don (the instructor) for teaching me the techniques, knowledge and skil to be a good driver. All the best.


Alex Antony Palayoor

Excellent driving instructor and coach; observes your habits, negatives and positives; guides you on where to improve and how to improve plus gives you points on how to pass the test with flying colors.

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