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We provide an outstanding  training in our automatic cars to anyone who is in need of gaining experience driving an automatic car. We teach everyone; whether they are beginners who are just starting out or whether they are experienced drivers looking to refresh their knowledge of road rules and driving; we will provide you with the training  that best suits your needs.


 We offer great service for anyone who is new to manual driving and we can assist you in achieving your manual licence! Whether you're upgrading your automatic transmission licence to a manual licence or you're refreshing you manual driving skills, we have the course for you!

Your Practical Test


Throughout your time with us we will be thoroughly preparing you for your practical driving test and we will ensure that you understand and have the knowledge of all aspects of driving that are needed for your test.

We provide great pre-test training to sharpen your skills and to build up your confidence and help you ace your driving test! Whether you want to have a specialised pre-test lesson in which we cover all that you need to know to pass your practical test or whether you wish to have a practice test prior to your real test in which we offer a test like environment to enable you to experience the feeling of taking part in an actual practical driving test and to familiarise you to the structure of the test so as to build up your confidence and to prepare you to know every detail of the test and to assist you in your journey towards successs and achieving your driver's licence.

Overseas Licence Transfer Course 

If you have already obtained your full license in another country you are elegible for our Overseas Licence Transfer Course, in which we give you experience in driving in Australia and helping you to get ready for the practical driving test as well as providing you with the essesntial knowledge and experience for driving on Australian roads.

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